The basic material used by our company to manufacture mirrors are glass panes by the AGC concern, which is one of the biggest concerns manufacturing glass and mirrors in the world. Ecological mirror panes are made of float glass, which guarantees ideal reflection. Special teflon coatings protect the mirror against unfavourable corrosion factors present in the bathroom. We offer more than 100 designs of mirrors processed using modern German and Italian equipment. We offer single mirrors or mirrors glued on bases of different colour, equipped in shelves for cosmetics and toiletries. They can be illuminated. Our mirrors are a practical piece of interior decoration of a bathroom, a living-room or a hall. We have a wide range of designs, it means that our products fit into the space of any interior.

Our products are available in standard dimensions or created on request of the customer. We also implement orders according to our client’s design, we offer professional advisory services and assembly.


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